Temporary / Contract Staffing

Many companies are finding contract services an effective means of meeting short term staffing needs. We have providing service under below categories

  1. Professional Staffing - Technical
  2. General Staffing - White color
  3. Industrial Staffing - Blue color

The primary benefits of contract placement are :

  • Removes the usual Restriction under a regular company structure
  • Supports for rapid business growth with High Scalibility for future needs
  • Improves Budget Planning as this is a fixed cost over a fixed period of time
  • Removes any employment Risks with full compliance with local law
  • Relieves administrative Responsibilites Transfer of complex HR, logistical and statutory compliance responsibilities to Rapido Corporate services who understands these issues and has developed processes to effectively mitigate risk.

Benefits of getting associated with Rapido for all your Manpower - Outsourcing needs.

  • Companies can overcome their manpower restrictions imposed on them.
  • Negative publicity due to retrenchment process is overcome.
  • Recruitment is done on a requirement basis; hence the overheads are under control leading to cost savings.
  • Contract staffing eliminates the involvement of statutory issues like PF, ESI, PT, IT and TDS. Etc.
  • Faster mobilization and demobilization
  • Eliminates expensive contractual procedures

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